PANKE supports edgy creativity that happens away from mainstream culture. Anything that we believe needs more exposure than it currently receives. Open Wed - Sun from 12:00 until open-end
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Posts tagged "soul"
Wedding Soul 66: The final episode.

Wedding Soul 66: The final episode.

16th of September After 65 shows and more than five years at the beloved Panke Club we decided after long talks within the Beat Kollektiv to bring Wedding Soul as a monthly show to an end. We like to thank you all for your loyalty over the years for coming each month and making it the special night...
Backyard Joints - Summer Special

Backyard Joints – Summer Special

21st of July BACKYARD JOINTS – SUMMER SPECIAL Backyard Joints: Dedicated to the dopest Joints in grown up Hip Hop, Beats, Funk, Soul and Jazz. Creating a soundscape that makes your head nod and your feet itch. Backyard Joints taking place at Panke (Berlin) Backyard Joints Blog: <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> LINE UP (Live + Beat Sets) —— Outdoor &...
Backyard Joints - DJ Edition

Backyard Joints – DJ Edition

15th of April BACKYARD JOINTS – DJ Edition >>> Jazz, Funk, Soul, Brazilian Grooves, Library Music, Hip Hop and Beats. >> STRICTLY VINYL > Presented by: BeatPete (Mellow Orange Music / Backyard Joints) > Guest DJ: Educut
5 Years Kuchenplatte X Wedding Soul

5 Years Kuchenplatte X Wedding Soul

25th of February 5 YEARS KUCHENPLATTE X 5 YEARS WEDDING SOUL Records & Cakes – The original Vinyllover Market Die Kuchenplatte ist zurück!! Samstag 25.02.2016 ab 14.00 Uhr!! Rares Vinyl & Klamotten, Kunst & Design, Kaffee & Kuchen. DJs all day long: Beat Kollektiv and friends. Es sind noch Standplätze verfügbar! Wenn Du also mit dabei sein möchtest,...