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Stranger Bits

Stranger Bits is an Electronic music journey starting from promoting the Chiptune culture and the blending of different genres through amazing live sets to offer you a unique experience surfing on different rates of bits and bpms.


On Friday the 19th of July witness a burst of energy as our circuits malfunction and melt your brain. Dirty electro all night long delivered by an well selected international lineup.


Proper bliss from the outskirts of the internet. A sweaty moshpit of all the cores and lores of the short attention span generation.

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based&blessed III

Based and Blessed are back at Panke with a lineup full of underground German rap gems.

East-West Session #72 BEAT BATTLE, Franz Branntwein

The EWS is going to organize a BEAT BATTLE with judges (Figub Brazlevic and 2 more) and a maximum of 16 beatmakers.

CTM x DISK Agency Fam Jam

Join CTM and DISK Agency for our next Fam Jam party with Gabber Modus Operandi and album release by Takkak Takkak!

Club Sham Mann

Get ready for a night like no other as Club Sham Mann brings its enchanting fusion of electronic music to Berlin. Dive into a kaleidoscope of soundscapes where different electronic music styles blend to create a vibrant, multi-destination journey.

BESO DE 4: Deprerreo x Rawa Club x NOFUTURE x TRAMPA

Four of the hottest labels pushing Latincore, Latin Bass, Perreo and Cumbia assemble under one roof at Panke.


Eclectic underground rap music that pushes the boundaries on all accounts of the meaning.

Rasta Bizznez

Pure Consciousness and Reggae Vibes. No business like Rasta Bizznez!


After 16 physical releases since the launch of DNO Records, we are extremely happy to announce that our label’s first-ever link-up is finally happening at the end of this month!


This time we are happy to present you TONKA – one of the main visioners of Ukrainian indie scene together with Ukrainian vocalist and performer Maria Kebuladze aka KEBU. 

Panke Schön Jam Session

Panke Schön Jam Session is closing season until September – the last summer jam is set to be a very special one. Come and play along!


For this special edition, Algoymstica invites the netlabel ETAT.xyz for an evening of abstract sound, emotional alienation, dissociative and psychoacoustic computer music.

Code Green Flohmarkt

Steckie&Seed Flee Market from Code Green goes for the second round. Come and get some!

CHOKA vol 1

A cute party amplifying sounds from the south, featuring MAAY, Maque, Gadutra, auto_timer, Kupa Lua, DJ Pendejo and c4chorr0 N/N.

East-West Session #071

Brand new East-West Session with DJ Djel (Fonky Family), Dino (Mafia K’1 Fry) and Groove Sparkz.

Spicy Tunes

A charity event with Dianamaracuja & Sofaya, Vanta V Black and live percussion by Gregor Francesco.

My Super Sweet Sick Rave

Attention ravers! Prepare for another special night at Panke, when long-term crew members and rave sisters, Anna and Meret, invite to their Super Sweet Sick Rave! 

Stranger Funk

Stranger Funk is back at Panke for the last show before the summer break – this time in full disco mode with Delfonic, Izzy Demzky and Soulski.

Code Green: Mary Jane Party

Social Club Expierience – the green gang returns to Panke with the Mary Jane party.

Panke Schön Jam Session

Experimental jam session with Panke Schön. Bring your own instruments and jam along!

Codex Outdoor

Come to Panke Garden this Sunday for Codex Outdoor – the last Codex event in Berlin for some time. Starts at 1 PM, come early!