11 Nov 22
10:00 pm

Disko International #10 feat. Trujillo

*** The DISKO INTERNATIONAL – a safe place for dancing to good music from all over the world. For Everyone. All Night Long. Funk | Tropical | Rare Groove | Afro | Reggae | Dub | Disco | Boogie | Soul | From East, West, North, South and all the places and spaces in between. ***

WOW. Time really flies when fun is being had… and just like that, the little Nord Berlin dance turns 1! Created in autumn 2021 by Lucky Loop & Soulix. Looking for a place where people can dance to all kinds of music, from all over the world, without borders or travel restrictions, at Panke Club Wedding: The Disko International was born!
Massive Love, Thanks and Praise to all the people who have ever graced our dancefloor. Your community and interaction really makes the fun party magic, and without that energy, we would not exist. All the wonderful Dj guests who have helped us travel all over the world through the magic of music: Afreak, Kava, Mune Ra, Rena Volvo, Marian Tone, Ken Okuda, Femdelic, Sampology, Radio Hobo, thank you so much for your time spent, digging, selecting, understanding and connecting the vibes- we look forward to sharing more musical experiences with you all again asap. Of course massive love and shout outs to our door staff, the Panke staff and Sound personnel, it is always a pleasure and smooth sailing with you all.
Annnnnyway enough of that, onto this session of DISKO INTERNATIONAL #10…
You know what? We’re really spoiled for local music talent here in Berlin, but there are some people we love that just don’t play up our ways enough… Our guest often sneaks out of the city to play big south american sessions in Brazil with Selvagem, takes time to dig the Caribbean or Iberican peninsula and compile great compilations for Soundway and True Class, gets repeatedly asked back to session on Charlie Bones’ cult status DO!!YOU!! Radioshow, all while fielding hundreds of ‘TrackID?’ ‘wtf is this?’ requests from recent mixes… Sisters and Brothers! Adorn your ceremonial dance robes, limber up, it’s gonna be a special session because we got TRUJILLO in the dance!
If there’s anyone who can enrich the “dancing music from all over the world” ethos we have at DISKO INTERNATIONAL, Trujillo is our guy! Expect recent Brazillian finds, Central American hip shakers, Afro Zouk burners, Latin Street Soul Bangers, Alien Disco grooves, and many many many more ‘wtf is this’ tunes.
https://www.mixcloud.com/…/bc-live-trujillo-20220801…/ Absolut killer mix DI fav.
Disko International resident shipmates Lucky Loop, Soulix, and Kava on deck to steady the ship, and maybe just maybe… a few people bring music unannounced? Who knows? It’s a family celebration and that’s how we roll. We’re looking forward to seeing faces old and new, Dancing to music from all over the World at our fav lil Nord spot: PANKE.
Much Love and see you on Friday.
Disko International
Lucky Loop https://soundcloud.com/luckyloopberlin
Soulix https://soundcloud.com/soulix
Kava https://www.mixcloud.com/DJkava/

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