Working as a Freelancer in Germany – an Introduction

♥ this workshop is created for female identified people ♥

New in Germany and confused about taxation and health insurance? In this workshop, you’ll get you a general overview on what it means to work as a freelancer in Germany – what’s the difference between income tax and value-added tax or between private and public health insurance and what are the criteria for insurance through the “Künstlersozialkasse”? What’s the difference between a “Gewerbe” and a “freier Beruf”? What does it mean to be “Kleinunternehmer”?

Hosted by SMartDe – Netzwerk für Kreative e. V.

Smart Genossenschaft: www.smart.coop
touring artists-Beratungsangebot: https://www.touring-artists.info/en/home/what-is-touring-artists/

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Artwork by Franziska Von Guten (Clusterduck)- supported by Good Intentions and Pankes Culture

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