Wedding Soul on September 14th

Ok, this time we have a really big package for you, and we’re sure you gonna love it! As summer is finally coming to an end it is definitely time for the next “WEDDING SOUL in concert”: This time we invited world known XAVER FISCHER TRIO! If you are out for analog live produced and played nu jazz, this one is for you. (See info at the end of the page!)

As if this wouldn’t be enough, we invited also a guest DJ, a good friend of us, member of Berlin’s finest SOULKOMBINAT, FELIX STEINBILD, a master of funky tunes, writer of the 24 dj rules, every discjockey should apply to.

Last but not least, whole night is hosted by us, BEAT KOLLEKTIV, playing R’n’B, Raw Funk, Hip-Hop, Soul, sometimes even Discobeats, all together a merry-go-round of soulful music we love!


BEAT KOLLEKTIV: 6 discjockeys, one mission: gonna make you dance!

In 1998 Xaver Fischer, one of Germany´s top session and studio keyboardists founded his first own band with electric bass guitarist Hannes Vesper and drummer Eric Harings. The trio released its first album on unique records 1999 and played over 400 live gigs in Europe since then. With the second album the band entered the German Jazz top 20 for the first time.

The music press calls the sound of the trio “nu-jazz” or “electronic jazz”, although there is no sequencing and sampling used. The music is all played live, in the studio as well as on stage, on a drum set, a bass guitar and some analog keyboards. Three more albums and a remix album followed. After the release of the last album “Visit From A Goddess” in 2005, Xaver took a creative break and concentrated on working as a sideman for a number of major German pop artists.

In 2012 he re-founded his trio with Krischan Frehse on bass and Hendrik Smock on drums and booked a recording studio without having any idea what to record, just relying on the creative energy of the band members. After two days of jamming and recording, the new album “Dumdidum” was finished. And again, there was no sequencing, no overdub, no click track and no digital editing used. Even though the Xaver Fischer Trio performs and improvises like a traditional Jazz trio, it uses machine-style drum beats, Afrobeat basslines, psychedelic vintage keys, weird electronic noises, dance-synth hooklines and a lot more to create its unique sound.

Sounds like: Herbie Hancock, Fela Kuti, The Doors and David Guetta.

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