Vorspiel weekend: Support Your Local Ghetto

25th of January

Hosted by BarbNerdy, a music nerdy, always on the hunt for good music since more than 20 years.

Live performance:
JGB (jacques gaspard biberkopf) is 21 y.o. sound artist from Lithuania. He left his mark on the developing beats culture in Lithuania. Always maintaining his dark approach and sharp concept. Outgrew it offering contemporary (in the sense of upcoming) sound and interdisciplinary experience. The term beatmaker is too narrow to define JGB‘s music and range of involvements:
Being wide range dj and mujsic lover, he‘s able to organically adapt to varying level of weirdness.

JGB is a part of Project o! which is a blend of post-club music, deconstructed rap and distorted visuals. With vocals by slam poet MC Messiah and visuals by Asta Ostrovskaja, it is a mash of rap and poetry in semi-artificial language, ’90 rave music, industrial and bass music aesthetics. He‘s also the member of mutating audiovisual poetry project Avaspo – the pioneers of intermediality in poetry and music scenes of Lithuania. Together with the female poet and playwriter Gabrielė Labanauskaitė, drummer Vladas Dieninis and VJ Simas Gineika, the project makes plenty collaborations with different discipline artists. Recently JGB joined the team of Mondayjazz. A group of promoters, djs and artists have been bringing the music of the moment to the dancefloors and their website with weekly mixes. Now they became the label and JGB‘s new album is about to materialise there. Now interested in new media arts and new aesthetics, virtual landscapes and urban concepts.

Inspired by visual arts, JGB brings quite a cinematic experience himself, not to mention that his playlist is full of former designers.
Video installation by Ilan Katin http://www.ilankatin.com/

DJ BarbNerdy At Panke she is known for her super nice and nerdy stile, mixing stuff you might haven’t heard before. Not only mixing for herself, she loves to invite likeminded music souls to bring the people to dance and smile all night.

and we have a great addition to the line up: DJ Scientist will join us on the decks. His latest album is really fantastic: http://hallama.org/support-your-local-ghetto/support-your-local-ghetto-goes-vorspiel

2Phast is joining us with his SemiLive buttons, knobs, sliders, processors, fxs, vinyls, samples, scratches routines, MPC routines performance.Max Marciano, also known as DJ 2Phast, began his career in Hip Hop culture in 1995 with the powerfull crew 13 Bastardi.He played in a lot of Jam-session and produced historical records for the Italian rap : Troppo, Persi nella Giungla, Malastrada ( Sony/BMG Recording). In 2005 He moved to London and become resident dj @ Fridge Bar (UK). He produced: 13 Bastards, Speaker Cenzou, Malastrada, The Stones, Domasan & 2Phast, Fluxer, Svez and many others… In the 2010 he won Beat the Beat category of International Dj Association ( ex ITF).
During his career dj 2Phast played with: Fulgeance, Jay Scarlett, James Blake, Cinnaman, DJ Vadim, Company Flow, Termanology, Arsonists, Kurtis Blow, RA the Rugged Man …. and many others. He performed in several radio broadcasts including Radio Dee Jay, Sound and Ultrasound on Radio Rai 2 stereo, International Groove on Radio Multi Kulti (Berlin)….

This event is part of the Vorspiel

transmediale™ festival for art and digital culture berlin


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