Visual Poetics : Vertical Narratives & Lyricism

Poetics is a field that has always interested experimental filmmakers, as they provide strategies for re/de-constructing narrative modes. In this showcase, we deal with filmmakers who create ‘film poems’ : films of an abstract nature narrative-wise, but which also deal to an extent with ideas of the lyrical and transcendental.

  • Margaret Tait  – A Portrait of Ga, 4 mins 30, UK, 1955
  • Sergei Eisenstein & Grigori Alexandrov – Romance Sentimentale, 16 mins, France, 1930
  • Willard Maas & Ben Moore – The Mechanics of Love, 6 mins 30, USA, 1955
  • Herman Weinberg, Autumn Fire: A Film Poem, 15 mins, USA, 1931
  • Stan Brakhage, I, Dreaming, 6 mins, USA, 1988
  • Maya Deren & Alexander Hammid, Meshes of the Afternoon, USA, 1943
  • Margaret Tait, Colour Poem, 11 mins, UK, 1974
  • Marie Menken, Arabesque for Kenneth Anger, 6 mins, USA, 1958-1961
  • Kenneth Anger, Eaux D’ artifice, 12 mins, USA, 1953
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