27 Nov 21
9:00 pm

Vilnius Welt

Its not a big secret that Panke is strongly connected with Europe’s G spot Vilnius: big like Neukölln, but have strong music background and after the internet revoliution become a city, where you can catch upcoming music genres and check how they travel to Europe and to the world scenes.
Thanks to NeuStart Kultur, der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien and Initiative Musik for a possiblility to pack all the best of Vilnius and bring them to Berlin to Panke on the 27th of November.
Djs. Piroska, Direktorius, Ttt, Belze and one and only Baltic Balkan Mescal fiesta !!
wich you are still not ready for!! So, everybody: GET READY, shine your shoes, stop all tour tollerance breaks and lets meet with Vilnius.
Achtung ⚠️ 2G + regeln ⚠️
Line up:
Baltic Balkan 
DJ TTT (Rekordas)
DJ Piroska (Klub Balkanska Leipzig)
Direktorius (ore.lt)
DJ Belze (One ear Stereo)

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