The event takes place on the  30th of April starting at  23:00.
Vilnius Melancholy – a romantic take on urban influenced electronic
music from North-Eastern Europe, where collapsing of socialist block
left millenials hungry and curious for expression without
prejudgement. Three young creatives: Vaiper Vitalijus, Münpauzn and
Fingalick for years were cultivating the unboxed potential and
cultural movement of Despotin Beat Club and many music & art projects.
In the year 2016 group of artists came up with sound design driven
project UIU. Live performances of Fingalick and Münpauzn to be
expected and up-to-date global sound DJ sets from trusted community
A&R Vaiper Vitalijus and Berlin’s WeBoogie Crew very own Genys.
Fingalick(EGO Live)
Vaiper Vitalijus Despotin (as Hyper! Hyper!)
Genys (WeBoogie)
post-genre / bass / r’n’b / hip-hop / soulfull electronica / y2k beats