The Found Object : Dadaist Collage / Montage

A series of films from the 1920s until today that deal with the moving image as a found object and the idea of re-working material, which had a different original purpose. From the bizarre collages of Bruce Conner to recent works of various graphic collectives, this showcase will be a treat for Dada collagists.

  • Man Ray, Le Retour A La Raison, 4 mins, France, 1923
  • Jeff Keen, Marvo Movie, 4 mins 30 UK, 1967
  • Robert Breer, Eyewash, 4 mins USA, 1959
  • Harry Smith, No. 10, 3 mins 30, USA, 1957
  • Hans Richter, Vormittagspuk, 9 mins, Germany, 1928
  • Bruce Conner, Take the 5.10 to Dreamland,  USA, 1976
  • Martin Arnold, Passage A L’ Acte, 12 mins, Austria, 1993
  • Stan Vanderbeek, Science Friction, 10 mins, USA, 1959
  • Pat O’Neill – (Film) 7362, 10 mins, USA, 1967
  • Run Wrake, What Is That?, 3 mins 30, UK, 2000
  • Virgil Widrich, Fast Film, 14 mins, Austria, 2003
  • Lawrence ‘Larry’ Jordan – Hamfat Asar, 13 mins, USA, 1965
  • Bryan Boyce, Election Collectibles, 4 mins, USA, 2000
  • 12foot6, DogDogDogDog, 3 mins, UK, 2004



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