24 Jul 22
10:30 pm

The End is not The End – Afterparty Rundgang / SoSe 2022 / Master Graduation

About the DJs
Samantha Simmons
Berlin/NYC based DJ and music supervisor Samantha plays an eclectic mix of found and recorded sounds to create overarching themes based on locations, weather, glass, heat, cold, airlines, trains, transportation, food, fog, animals, water, shopping malls, etc.

Mitchell Keaney
Over the years Mitchell Keaney has been known to play out under monikers such as DJ Waytansea, Glinodo, and most recently (as a context-specific situation) DJ Shit. Although he never tries to push the energy faster than 115 bmp, his goal is always to get everyone, including himself, sweating like we’re back in his Sonoran Desert hometown. Put simply, his dj sets are aligned with an “everything goes” and “nothing is off the table” attitude.
a. modica is a Berlin-based sound artist and performer from Italy. During the last few years in the German capital, his research and practice shifted towards electroacoustic performance and installation work, exploring the liminal spaces between noise and tonality, extreme texture and microsound, and complex sonic ecosystem involving feedback and chaotic behaviours.
His moniker traumesser is born as a result of various club-related influences, ranging from atmospheric breakbeats to faster and more invasive dancefloor hitters, with the aim of creating a dynamic and enveloping sonic experience.

DJ Merda
DJ Merda (aka Davide Luciani) plays bass music, free jazz, drum n bass, drill, dub, perreo, folk and industrial music without the need for aesthetic coherence. His DJ sets are dedicated to free improvisation and genres melting pot.

DJ guccifer
DJ guccifer plays a mix of baile funk, proibidao, and post club. Colourful, sexy and hysteric music.

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