The Blue Monkey ✩ Ukik ✩ Cacao Kundalini Meditation ✩ Music Jam


The Tickets for the Full Moon Cacao Kundalini Ceremony are limited. If you want to join the ceremony please book your ticket in advance via the ticket link above and bring a small cup for the cacao.

If you just want to come for the Ecstatic Dance you can get your ticket at the door.



With Ecstatic Dance &
Full Moon Cacao Kundalini Ritual &
Shamanic Opening of the Sacred Space &
Free Flow Music Jam

Location: Panke Culture


It’s a dance. It’s a club. It’s a conscious carnival. And this one will come with some surprises …

The moon will be full and eclipsing in Leo – a time to celebrate sacred self love, joy and abundance – the big Leonian themes. Tap into your power and rise and shine as your own king and/or queen. This Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo squaring Uranus in Aries opens up the gate to switch paradigms. Bring your most beautiful vision for the future and dance it!

This night you may feel like royalty. Wear whatever supports that feeling for you. Masquerade as the king or queen of the decade and/or tribe of your dreams. Or dress up as a lion, the king of the jungle. Adorn yourself with a crown, some feathers or fur or any other symbol of royalty you can think of. Wear yellow or gold, the colours of the sun, the planet that rules Leo…

Or just dress as you feel like. The person you truly are. The person you want to be. The vision of your heart. Your true self. The outfit that makes you feel comfortable and supports your self love the best that night. It’s all up to you! You are the creator of your reality.

If you play an instrument, bring it! Voice, guitar, bass, jambe, jaw harp… Your musical skills don’t have to be royal. Let’s create something together. Drop any expectations. Remember, the monkey just wants to play! Whatever you are – beginner or pro musician, listener or dancer, just follow your flow. Let’s see what the monkey has in mind for us this time…


18:45 Doors Open
19:15 Full Moon Cacao Kundalini Ceremony:
Karolina Darshan Deep
20:00 Opening Circle
20:10 Opening of the Sacred Space:
Schamanisches Heilen & seelische Begleitung Agneta Niemack
20:30 Conscious Dance: UKIK
22:30 Free Flow Co-Created Music Jam
23:30 Closing


The Tickets for the Full Moon Cacao Kundalini Ceremony are limited. If you want to join the ceremony please book your ticket in advance via the ticket link above.

If you just want to come for the Ecstatic Dance you can get your ticket at the door.

Regular: 15€
Reduced: 13€ *

*With student ID or Berlinpass.
There is no discount for the Cacao Ritual.


Get in touch, at least 5-7 days before the event. Maybe you can help out with something in exchange for your ticket!


In order to sustain a safe space for monkeying around we ask you to respect the following guidelines:

1. Please treat yourself and others with respect and care
2. No talking in the location during ceremony
3. No talking on the dancefloor during the whole event. You
can chat in the chill out area.
4. Smoke your monkey cigarettes outside


How do I get there?

By public transport you can go to either to S Humboldthain or S+U Wedding. Once you’re at Gerichtstrasse 23, enter the Hinterhof, pass it (follow the sign) and also pass the 2nd Hinterhof. Pass the crossfit studio on the left. Walk in direction Panke (the river). When you see the big red circle you found it. Yay!

By car you can try to park in the first HH. There are not too many parkings though.

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable and sexy in! If you like to dance like a crazy monkey, make sure that you can move in your outfit! Lycra might be better than jeans – but its all up to you.
Wear your favourite socks, we are going to dance without shoes on our magic dancing carpet…
And if you wish masquerade as royalty to celebrate your sacred self love and expression!

Will there be anything to eat and drink?

Pankeclub provides yummy homemade vegetarian (sometimes vegan) buckwheat bowls with different toppings at reasonable prices.

Please don’t bring own drinks or water bottles and don’t refill your bottle. Hot and cool drinks are provided by Panke Culture.

Panke Culture will also serve delicious raw cacao before and after the ceremony, so you can get your chocolate fix even if you miss it.

What about alcohol?

Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages will be available at the bar. Please take responsibility for yourself.

What is The Blue Monkey all about?

As the 11th kin (energetic quality) of the maya calendar, Chuen or Ba’atz, the Blue Monkey stands for the lightness and playfulness of the child that is not yet conditioned by society. Open and innocent, it just follows its impulses.

It is this energy that served as inspiration for The Blue Monkey. A Monkey day is a good day for dance, music, play and monkeying around. For a “Conscious Carnival”, a space in which we can drop our societal masks and flow together. We feel that this energy of lightness and playfulness is needed very much in our world today. At the same time we want to keep it conscious and safe and and thus offer an alternative to Berlin’s regular club life that nourishes our need for ecstasy without the unbalanced overindulging.


Space Holder and Monkey Queen:


Karolina is a Berlin-based conscious club space holder (Ecstatic Dance Open Air, The Blue Monkey) and kundalini yoga teacher (The Yog, UHU – Urban Healing Unit). A music lover, club kid and seeker for consciousness expansion since her early youth, she found her path in kundalini yoga, ayurveda, conscious dance and music, all powerful practices for transformation and healing. As a Blue Monkey maya sign her gift is the energy of lightness, play and magic. This energy she wants to give back to the world with all her heart.

Monkey DJ:


You might have listened to her already at Fusion, Nowhere, Wilde Möhre or Agni Spirit Festival – UKIK is one of the hottest newcomers in the Berlin and European festival and conscious clubbing multiverse.

Originally stemming from a family of Japanese musicians, the acute sense for rhythm and melody must have been dormant in her genes from the very beginning. Sensing the clubbing crowd at any moment with her refined antenna, UKIK enchants us with her beautiful mixes of meditative soundscapes, fluffy downtempo, brazilian beats and hypnotizing house tracks.

Monkey Shaman:

Agneta Niemack

At the heart of Agnetas work is the shamanic path. Initiated in the old wisdom and energetic healing techniques of the Q´eros people from the Andeans as well as European mystic teachings, she supports reconnecting to the soul’s essence and life forces in a powerful way through rituals, workshops and individual healing sessions.

Accompanying people in their processes, she combines her shamanic skills with psychological work and family constellations.

Calling the four cardinal directions, Mother Earth and Father Sky, she will open the Sacred Space of Ceremony for a deep and transformative dance experience.

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