The Blue Monkey ✩ Ecstatic Dance ✩ Music Jam ✩ Sauna

With Ecstatic Dance (Free Dance Music Wave)
Music Jam Session & Sauna
Location: Panke Culture


As the 11th kin (energetic quality) of the maya calendar, Chuen or Ba’atz, the Blue Monkey stands for the lightness and playfulness of the child that is not yet conditioned by society. Open and innocent, it just follows its impulses.

A Monkey day is a good day for dance, music, play and laughter. For a “Conscious Carnival”, a space in which we can drop our societal masks and flow together.

Everything is possible. You can be whoever you want to be. Dress up. Dress down. Masquerade. Come naked. Wear a gorilla mask. Be normal. Go bananas. Whatever feels right to you.

If you play an instrument, bring it! Guitar, bass, jambe, jaw harp… Let’s create something together. Drop any expectations. Remember, the monkey just wants to play! Whatever you are – beginner or pro musician, listener or dancer, just follow your flow. Let’s see what the monkey has in mind for us…


18:30 Doors open
19:00 Kundalini Yoga: Karolina Darshan Deep
19:50 Opening
20:00 Ecstatic Dance: Ben Pavlidis
22:00 Monkey Meditation
22:10 Free Flow Jam (music & dance)
23:00 The End


Regular: 15€
Reduced: 12€ *

*Please show proof at the check-in: Student ID, Berlin Pass, …


Get in touch, at least 5-7 days before the event. Maybe you can help out with something in exchange for your ticket!


In order to sustain a safe space for monkeying around we ask you to respect the following guidelines:

1. Please treat yourself and others with respect and care
2. No talking on the dancefloor
3. No alcohol
4. Monkey cigarettes outside


What should I bring?

If you want to use the sauna, bring your own towel(s), a bathrobe and some flip flops so you can walk around outside without getting cold feet. There is a wardrobe, so if you want to have them keep your things you can do that.

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable and sexy in! If you like to dance like a crazy monkey, make sure that you can move in your outfit! Lycra might be better than jeans – but its all up to you.
Wear your favourite socks, we are going to dance without shoes on our magic dancing carpet…

Does the sauna cost extra?

No, the sauna is included in the entrance fee. We expect it to be quite full though. First come, first serve…
And remember: No towel, no sauna. Unless you find a friend who shares theirs.

Will there be anything to eat and drink?

Yes, Pankeclub provides yummy homemade vegetarian (sometimes vegan) buckwheat bowls with different toppings for 3-7€.
There will be organic raw cacao from Bali, tea, water and some organic lemonades at reasonable prices.



Karolina is a Berlin-based conscious club facilitator (Ecstatic Dance Open Air, The Blue Monkey) and kundalini yoga teacher (The Yog, UHU – Urban Healing Unit). A music lover, club kid and seeker for consciousness expansion since her early youth, she found her path in kundalini yoga, meditation and conscious dance, all powerful practices for transformation and healing.
Rather than following any concept, she is interested in the essence of things. The magic that lies within but that we can only perceive if we become still enough. When Karolina becomes still enough she is a channel for different ideas, visions and sounds that want to come into this world.


Ben Pavlidis is a songwriter, producer, and also known as the frontman of the Berlin band Ohrbooten. On his musical path he developed a deep passion for bass music and in his DJ-Sets, he is defiantly paying homage to the beloved bass frequency . The half Greek half German grew up in West Berlin and the city has always fed him with an eclectic mix of urban, world, and electronic music. The essence of all his genre is a super danceable mix of global bass music. This love for international bass music is also expressed in his new club format United Colors of Bass.

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