27 Apr 24
6:00 pm


The world is undergoing a revolution, and we believe this change is necessary in all areas of life. The ways we interact, create, assemble, and support one another must be examined and deconstructed. It’s time to reject the complicit and broken systems that oppress us, and build something new.

With Abadir, EbnHoari (live), Mcleem, Light Plastic, High Future, Yui.

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Honky Donk: ACAB (Assigned Clown At Birth)

Honky Donk is Berlin’s wicked clowny party, focused on donk, happy hardcore, hyperpop… This time around, the theme is ACAB: Assigned Clown At Birth. Expect silly music, weird performances, little competitions, clown merch and grotesque vibes!


This edition of BURRE is showcasing a great diversity of musical community of Odesa, hosting the main dub, fusion jazz and breakcore representatives from the scene.


KÄF is an electrifying fusion of live music, art, and cultures, bringing together artists based in Europe and the Arab region to promote unity & celebrate diversity through these mutual passions.