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SYLG0913finalThe Mad Method

Have you ever wished there was a more musical way to make beats than hunching over your computer programming in every little part?

On the 27th of September we will do a “hands on” workshop at Panke Culture e.V. with the infamous live beat maestro, Mad Zach (of DJ TechTools, San Francisco).

Mad Zach’s unique blend of midi controllers, creative sound design, and performance techniques renders a workflow that is fun, musical and infectious. With his hugely popular “sound packs” and controllerism routines, MZ has redefined the landscape of live electronic music performance and garnered a cult following.

Over the course of 3 hours, he will teach how to go from preliminary sound design to full performance and production of a track using Ableton and your midi controller of choice.

The workshop starts at 19:00
Price: € 15,- for preregistered participants and € 20,- on the night
registering starts this weekend and will be announced soon.

Workshop Layout
1. Rethinking electronic music – the Mad Method
2. Performance approaches
3. Breaking down a routine
4. Sound Design Techniques
Learn how to make your own

5. Layering
6. Effects and Mapping
7. Mixing
8. Controllerism techniques and strategy
9. Integration with DJ-ing
10. Q&A period

This in-depth workshop is a great way to step into the world of controllerism and music production at the same time. Whether you’re looking to boost your musical productivity, learn how to produce, get your hands back on the music, create insane live performances, or just have fun and learn, there’s something here for everyone.

Additionally, attendee’s will receive a special discount price of 50% off all sound packs.

About Mad Zach
It all started with “Super freak”, pots, pans, and chopsticks. Then he found the drum machine at age four. Now he’s tearing up the electronic music scene in every bass slapping, mind bending, brain melting way possible. Mad Zach is a force to be reckoned with. He founded CustomMidiControllers.com in 2010 and now is a major contributor to the San Francisco based blog and website, DJTechTools: creating and uncovering new artists through his weekly “sound packs”, contests and tutorial videos.

But let’s forget the professional resume and focus on what makes Zach “Mad”. He specializes in hand made, good old fashioned, organic beats. That means he makes this shit live. Yeah, you read that right – Live. His influences transcend time and genre; pulling from such greats as Dr. Dre, the RZA, Billy Holiday, Deep Forest and Eprom. An audiophile and “burritovore”, Zach craves vinyl, analog synths, and what he describes as “weird old keyboards”. He’s had several releases with SF based glitch hop label, Multi Music, including the sophomore 2009 full length, “Wolf Spiders”, as well as 2011’s “Devil Dancehall” and in 2012, “Hypercube”. Zach is currently working on stimulating the world’s eardrums with recent remixes and a new collaboration with the amazing, G Jones.

And this will be the party after the workshop:

27th of September:


22:00 Music by
Mad Zach (SF Robox Neotech)
Hazeem (BLN hazeem.de)
Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf (Mondayjazz.com)
DJ BarbNerdy (BLN support your local ghetto)


Event: www.facebook.com/events/532554253493869/

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