3 Mar 24
7:00 pm

Sub_Bar LIVE

After a one-year hiatus from our birthplace, Sub_Bar LIVE is returning to Berlin, presenting new compositions by international artists and two unforgettable live shows. The first show is by Grischa Lichtenberger, whose “Composition for Audio Description Subtitles” has been a key inspiration in the development of our concept, while the second is by Ana Jumelle, emerging Deaf artist based in Lisbon, and part of FreqSix, a group of six Deaf performers – this will be her debut solo show. Sub_Bar is a new music format based on subfrequencies instead of sound. We started in 2022 in Berlin and Lisbon, and over the last year, we have created more than 40 events throughout Germany, Portugal, and Italy. We have trained individuals who are deaf in using electronic music instruments and invited them to collaborate with hearing artists, paving the way for a new art format to flourish.

Live by:

Grischa Lichtenberger (Raster)

Ana Jumelle (Sub_Bar Academy)

Subworks by:

Daisuke Ishida “Into the Hottest July (2023)

Stefanie Egedy “Sub-Bass Invigorating Dose”

Byetone “16 Hz”

Peter Kirn “Syncope”

John Kameel Farah “Cauldron”

Cigarra “Cave”

Alejandro Mosso “Georhythm”

Ana Bogner “These lands have a lot to tell”

Francisco Nogueira “Let there be Pulse”

Pawel Janicki “Resonant Clara Prospectus #1”

Doors open at 19

Concerts starts at 20

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