CABINA _STREAM CITIES_Berlin & Buenos Aires



#Cabina / #Stream Cities is the 1st of 5 events in the networked performance series TRASLACION, a project directed by Bárbara Echevarría (Buenos Aires) in collaboration with Haydeé Jiménez (Berlín) in which a group of artists from various disciplines are invited to collaborate in the development of performative processes that reflect on the qualities and artifacts of THE NET. It draws on the movement and translation of ideas and information in today’s networked culture. Each event will occur simultaneously in Buenos Aires and Berlin. June 27, July 5, July 11, July 19, July 25 http://traslacion.tumblr.com/program
#Cabina / #Stream Cities / June 27 @Panke
_happening: transit / transcoding / translation 
Audiences in buenos aires will be asked to read out loud the last text message they sent or received into a sound device installed at Fiebre gallery in Buenos Aires. This action & material will be live streamed and sampled by artists through various artistic process in both Buenos Aires and Berlin. The events in each city will merge through various online channels including live video streaming.
_ sampled-based music + live audio stream sampling
_ visual/installation+performance
_ live stream 24:00 BERLIN / 19:00 BUENOS AIRES
#glitch #body #transformation #collaboration
Luisa Orduño (Berlin) http://luisaorduno.com/
Axel Krygier (Buenos Aires) http://www.axelk.com/
Omar Santiago Rosas (Buenos Aires) http://otrolaboratorio.wordpress.com/
@ Panke [Stream Cities / JuJuJuke 3] 24:00 CET sharp*
*no cover before 24:00 / 5 EUR after 24:00
@ Fiebre 19:00 ART
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