27 Jan 24
10:00 pm

Stranger Funk w/ E Da Boss, Nadim, Werd Pace & Soulski

Stranger Funk is back for another fantastic show, this time we go to the heart of Berlin’s underground, Panke Club in Wedding. Fantastic sound, backyard late 1980s New York Vibes, international audience, and a friendly club policy welcoming everyone and being barrier-free. Open for all people of good mood and all genders, origins and believes. Oh, and we do have a fantastic lineup with friends from London, Bay Area and Cologne for you.
Join us in this funky fiesta at Panke on January 27th. Entrance is just 15 euros, and you can snag your discounted groove-pass on strangerfunk.com. Let’s make it a night to remember!

E DA BOSS (Stones Throw, San Francisco/London)
Get ready to be transported through the soulful sounds of San Francisco as E DA BOSS takes center stage. Hailing from the city that knows a thing or two about rhythm, E Da Boss is a musical force with a multifaceted journey. Starting from the roots of hip-hop, E Da Boss evolved into a producer, singer, and songwriter. His musical voyage took a significant turn when he met Myron Glasper in San Francisco, and the duo Myron & E was born. From successful 45 singles to a debut album on Stones Throw, E Da Boss has been spreading the soul far and wide. Eric released dozens of records over the years spanning collaborations from The Soul Surfers to German based Mighty Mocambos and many more, working with Nicole Willis and good friend Gizelle Smith. His debut album “A modern love” got fantastic feedback from critics and audience worldwide. For Stranger Funk he is back as DJ on the 1 and the 2’s bringing us that unique vibe of his.

Step into the vinyl realm with the Cologne-based funk maestro, NADIM. With a wealth of experience that defies his young years, NADIM is more than a DJ – he’s a sonic storyteller. His musical repertoire is a mesmerizing fusion of DISCO/Funk, Brazil, and Jazz, seamlessly blended together with a distinctive Nadim Note that sets his sound apart from the crowd. Unafraid to explore diverse genres and effortlessly transitioning between them, NADIM’s performances are a testament to his boundless creativity and skill. As a true music lover, NADIM’s passion for his craft shines through every track and mix, elevating his work to a level of authenticity. Brace yourself for a night of rhythmic exploration as NADIM takes you on a journey through the funky landscapes of his soul.

In the heart of Berlin’s music scene beats the rhythmic pulse of WERD PACE, a Grammy-nominated DJ, musical director, and true hip-hop connoisseur. Born and raised in San Jose, California, Werd’s journey began in 1996, establishing the “Curbside Radio Show” on KSCU 103.3 FM. His passion for hip-hop quickly took him to Berlin, where he became a vital member of the legendary turntablist crew Phaderheadz. WERD PACE is not just a DJ; he’s a musical director and tour DJ for some of Germany’s most influential artists, including Sido, Joy Denalane, and Bausa. With a unique blend of turntablism, percussion, and controllerism, Werd has integrated elements of hip-hop into one of the most successful television shows globally, The Voice of Germany. Get ready to witness the fusion of beats and culture as WERD PACE takes you on a rhythmic odyssey through the heart of Berlin and beyond.
Save the date, spread the news, bring your friends and let’s celebrate a night like we only do at STRANGER FUNK

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