21 Jul 22
8:00 pm

Stranger Bits @ Panke Culture

Get ready for a night full of Square Waves and bleep bloops! It’s not going to be video game music, the artists will make the floor hot!

The Artists:

  • 0r4 –
    Project 0r4 is born in 2013 on the lines of the Italian subway in Milan.
    He makes some headbanging chiptune.
    0r4 prefers to make dancing music but he’s ready to dig into exploring the infinite possibilities inside a little plastic brick that is the #gameboy.
  • Daimon Chip –
    Born and raised in Rome Italy, and based in Berlin. He likes to compose crazy loud bassy music made with Nintendo Gameboy to make you move!
    The term Daimon means “divine power,” “fate” or “god.” Daimon, in Greek mythology, included deified heroes. They were considered intermediary spirits between men and the gods.
  • Shakaboyd –
    Shakaboyd is a solo chiptune project since 2010 based in Indonesia. Using a Nintendo Game Boy #DMG and #LSDJ, Shakaboyd keep making music and often invited to play at some events and gigs, even to foreign countries.
  • Vault Kid –
    Energetic 8-bit bass music producer Vault Kid made a name for himself in early 2017 when he first started to release music made entirely on Game Boys and became part of the thriving #chiptune scene in Europe.
  • Alice Out of Space –
    DJane since 2012. breakcore/speedcore/hardtrance/gabber/emo/scenecore/witchhouse/gabber/hardcore/tekkno/chiptune/jungle/rock elements. Enjoys combining different styles to create something new and intense. head of @hardstylesagainstborders podcast and party platform and fucking love #performing #live!
    LIVE X #DJ CAT performing a rollercoaster of ravy, glitchy tunes made on Gameboys, circuit bent toys and other devices with an added chaos of sampled mass culture, wasteland society and anti-consumerism material creating an abstract story that is for the audience to decipher in the end.
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