22 Sep 23
11:00 pm

Stoic Music label night #3 /w Lokal (UK) & Armenez (UK)

Fri 22.09.2023 | Stoic Music label night #3 @ Panke (Drum & Bass)
Underground Drum & Bass, in a club/bar hybrid location. Fair prices all around, good vibes and a proper soundsystem – what else do you need for the perfect night out?
For our third and last party this year we’d like to welcome a bunch of international artists from the UK to Berlin.
This time it’s the producer trio Lokal from Manchester and Armenez from Falmouth/Cornwall.
Lokal: Over the past few years, you may have noticed the shear number of collabs released between High Demand and Enigma, and because of this, it only seemed right they should form into one, and so in fitting with their own label’s theme, Off-License Records, Lokal was born.
As a trio, they are planning on heading in a new direction musically, not only releasing DNB and 140s, but covering the full spectrum of underground bass music, leaving no genre unturned. So here’s to a new beginning, and in their own words, Keep It Lokal!
Armenez: Ar Menez translates to Of The Mountain or Mountain, the words coming from the old Celtic Breton language. This should give you a good idea of where Armenez derives his influences.
To name history, nature, folklore, myth and music would be to throw a small stone across a great chasm of inspiration.
Usually known for his deep basslines and mysterious worldly atmospheres that can conjure stories whilst combining those with dark chaotic sounds that infuse his music with life and ferocious energy.
With support from some established names such as Skeptical, Amoss, Arkaik, Cretures and Ill truth you can be assured that whether on a line up or release Armenez will deliver.

Line Up
❃ LOKAL (UK) – Off-License Recordings, Incurzion Audio
❃ ARMENEZ (UK) – Mob Recordings, Stoic Music
❃ SKULDER & MULLY (US) – Ascension Audio, Stoic Music
❃ ANTON QUASI – VOID Berlin, Stoic Music
❃ ROLLIN MC – Very Unimportant People

18+ Event
Doors: 23:00 h
Entry: 10 €

Panke Culture – Hof V, Gerichtstraße 23 | 13347 Berlin | S Wedding
www.pankeculture.com/ | www.instagram.com/pankeculture/
www.instagram.com/stoicmusicberlin/ | www.soundcloud.com/stoicmusicberlin

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