Space is the Place

edition: space is the place
from jazzy, creamcheese boogie to heartbrokenbeats to drum ´n bass for dancin lovers in the big room

mogreens 21.00 -22.00
fuge 22.00 – 00.00
karl 22.00 – 00.00
mr. jb 00.00 – 01.30
yoofee 01.30 – 02.30
señor sib 02.30 – end

entrence: 21.00 – 23.00 – 3€////// 23.00 – end – 5 €

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Raw Cakes

Kidkanevil + Kutmah Dutty beats - jungle - bass, blips and bloops

Infinite Quest

Infinite Quest featuring $ombi, Xzavier Stone, Le Feu, Blasé Vanguard, Lloydfears, Auco, Neana$ombi just released the 3rd EP on Infinite Quest Records 'Invasion'. Xzavier Stone's mutated rnb is a new voice on BLN underground.

Codex Club x Tag der Clubkultur / Panke Bar

We are very pleased to announce Codex Club's event for Club Culture Day, a gathering of artists and friends that encapsulates the last few years of our curatorial work in Berlin.This time we leave the night to celebrate the past and future of Codex Club in a daytime...