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NFNR Neither Famous Nor Rich
Ran Ancor – 空 Ku, the Void – Version
Rainer Kohlberger

9 June 2018 doors 21p.m. → Start 22p.m. | entry fee 5€

NFNR (Neither Famous Nor Rich)
is a nickname for Kyiv-based musician, theatrical composer and event curator from Ukraine – Olesia Onykiienko. She also belongs to musicians community Teple Yabluko, specializing on multichannel space performances. NFNR has joint projects with different musicians from Ukraine, Sweden, India, Japan and is a part of experimental folk-electronic art-laboratory MOKOSHO. As well she contributes as audial part in a duo with artist Kateryna Berlova, with who they create art-interventions and installations.
By combining the multilayered sound textures created from sounds collected and processed together with generated with different types of synthesis NFNR bases on them partly improvisational live sets, that remind `electronic pictures` and sound-collages. This time new non-meditative show from upcoming album Mydriasis will be represented.

Ran Ancor – 空 Ku, the Void – Version
Kū, the Void is a synesthetic, live-generated audiovisual experience that combines hacked scientific technology and custom-developed software to expressively explore the ephemeral/immaterial. Rich, evolving oscilloscope visuals (Ran Ancor) are synchronized via computer vision (Abe Pazos) with a lush, responsively synthesized soundscape (Mei-Fang Liau). In this hybrid system, sensitively fluctuating analog signals, fine-tuned data analysis, and human intuition perform together as one coherent living being.

Rainer Kohlberger
is an Austrian born freelance visual artist / film maker living in Berlin. His work is primarily based on algorithmic compositions with reductionistic aesthetics influenced by flatness, drones and interference. Within his works there always lies a layer of noise, that fascinates him as a sense of the infinite, which is both the ultimate abstraction and inveterately fuzzy. In his films, installations and live performances maximum forms of intensities come into play. His work has won several prizes internationally.
brainbows Kohlberger uses digital-projection technology in a radical way. Through impulses and waves of pure light, the intentional overload of the human perception apparatus leads to visual impressions that appear exclusively in the literal »eye of the beholder«. Layers of noise, drones and stroboscopic lights unfold. Image surface and image space meld into one (consciousness-)state, in which categories such as being and non-being, material and immaterial appear obsolete.

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