Skrrr Skrrr #3 feat. Lington (White Peach Rec. UK / London)

—–> SKRRR / SKRRR Vol. 3 <——
⇃↾⇃↾⇃↾ WE LET THE HEADZ RING ↾⇃↾⇃↾⇃

to quality sound (#Grime / #Dubstep / #Halftime / #DrumAndBass & some#Jungle) on a proper PA & some nicey nice visuals at Weddings finest ClubPanke.

musical fire by:
Lington (White Peach Records UK / London)
65 Shapeshifters (DARK REAL DARK)
# Trixter (Very Unimportant People / The BLOCK – Berlin)
Photom (Valian Kollektiv)
Asymbiose (Valian Kollektiv)

visual fire by:
Displaced Pictures

This is a BLOCK Collab with the bass chamber of potsdam based cru Valian Kollektiv.

Gerichtstraße 23 / 5ter Hinterhof / Panke

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