19 Jan 23
8:00 pm

Sketchin & Skratchin

Deck2Deck are back at the Panke Cafe for another chill Thursday Session with some of the illest D2D DJs on the decks!

This time they’re collaborating with our longtime confidants from the infamous Corner Girlz Gang and introduce to you our newest event series ” Sketchin & Skratchin” where we offer you the opportunity to get some hands-on skillz for tagging, collages, calligraphy and setting up your next perfect graffiti in town.
Just pass by and participate for a one of a kind workshop – no prior signup needed – everybody is welcomed

DJ Quien
DJ Surehand
Shaik van Da Hell
Wan.illa NICE

Hosted by MC Double UD

Food & Bar Snacks by the Panke Crew

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Stranger Bits

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