The event takes place on the  8th of February starting at  22:00.




The three princes of Serendub are back in Berlin for a night! In their pockets, they carry sunlight from southern hemispheres, in their hands and voices unfamiliar rhythms and melodies. Their spirit moved by desert beats and bass, they played with daylight and knocked out winter darkness.

In order to celebrate the first Rise-up Party with a big-bang, we invited a wicked and wild set of musicians, djs and mcs. The Kopffarben Kollektiv will illuminate the area with live light painting and make sure that we capture the daylight until the early morning hours. Be there at „Winterdubwende“ and celebrate with us that days are getting longer again!

* All profits and donations at Serendubity Rise-Up Events will go towards the Serendubity Festival. These will help to get rid of last year‘s deficit and to enable a Serendubity Festival 2014.

********** LINE UP *********


Maurizio Presidente !

E.o.t.F. – Collective

Longfingah & Hardy Digital


Ras Lion B2B DubFish (Lion’s Den / Peace Time /

Dubelgänger (Serendubity)

Serendubity Allstars

********** SPECIAL *********

Light and projection art by Kopffarben Kollektiv

Special silkscreening (Siebdruck Werkstatt) Station with Serendubity logos etc.

Tarot Reading Performance “The fools journey” by Leonor