Scope Sessions #68 – Ouananiche, Parisa Karimi

Two artists presenting their work, inspiration and creative process:
– Cédric Chabuel / Ouananiche (FR – CAN)
– Parisa Karimi (DE)

Hosted at Berlin’s best backyard venue: Panke


Thursday, October 12, 2017
doors open at 18:00
talks start at 20:00


Cédric Chabuel / Ouananiche (FR – CAN)
From VJing to Cinema / Talk

The audiovisual artists Ouananiche will explain and show how he created an video-music instrument to perform live cinema, and how he created a feature lenght documentary with it, Elsewhere.
Scope is also proud to welcome the German Premiere of his film Elsewhere on the 11th of October in Spektrum.


The Ouananiche is a goldfish swiming countercurrent. Under the shells hides Cédric Chabuel, audiovisual artist. Documentary director (Arteradio, Radio-Canada, Office National du film du Canada…), sound designer and VJ, Ouananiche creates the meeting between cinema and media arts in distabilising works that redefine the relationship between our ears and eyes. His audiovisual performances where music and images are inherently linked and inseperable, are presented in Canada and across the world (France, Turkey, China, Denmark, Belgium, Africa…). His work stands out through his human aspect, sometimes intense, his use of technologies that doesn’t exclude poetry, tenderness or humour. Main appearences : CPH-PIX festival / SPOT festival / Festival International du Film Francophone en Acadie / Festival du Nouveau Cinema / Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois / Sight & Sound Festival / Festival Visionsonic / Videodrome Toronto / Bokono Lé (in west Africa) / Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur / Nuits Électroniques / Festival International du Film d’Amiens / Festival des Réseaux de la Création / Festival Vision-R / Festival International du Film d’Art de l’UNESCO / Rencontres Internationales du documentaire à Montréal / Reims Jazz Festival / Frictions Festival / ActOral Festival / Coma Festival / Art Souterrain Montréal / Darryl’s Hard Liquor and Porn Film Festival / Worldwide VJ Challenge…


Parisa Karimi (DE)
Body Memory – Body Frontiers / Talk and Performance

The media artist Parisa Karimi presents excerpts from her current research, along with others from her portfolio, in order to discuss her fields of exploration.
Her following performance will combine elements of expanded cinema, poetry and sound; found footages and personal recordings, animations, her own texts and borrowed ones, woven into a single focal point: the body.


Parisa Karimi (b. 1981 in Berlin) is a media artist, film-and theater maker, VJ and workshop instructor. Her interdisciplinary works explore innovative methods of self-expression and communication, combining storytelling with documentary elements, animation, site-specific performances and installations, along with interactive interfaces and possibilities for participation. Parisa Karimi studied at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. Her work focuses on the human subject, the body and its memories, as well as encounters with the body and its stories. Here, a key role is often played by diasporic perspectives and identity. Who are we? What shapes us, and how can we break through the boundaries of ostensibly fixed histories and spaces? Her works have been shown at various international festivals, including: FiraTàrrega (Spain), VISIO (Brazil), European Short Film Festival at MIT (USA), Environmental Art Festival (Iran). Parisa Karimi is the founder and a co-curator of the HeimatlosGrenzenlos (“HomelessBorderless”) network and studio space. She lives and works in Cologne.

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