Scope Session #59 – Gajek / Martin Romeo / Kiritan Flux

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Scope #59


Agnieszka Gajewska aka Gajek
How paintings obtain another dimension.

Agnieszka Gajewska aka Gajek, born in Chorzów, Poland in 1982. Lived in Brussels, Belgium, 2010-2015. Lives in Mannheim, Germany since 2016. Graduated from Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk, Painting and Serigraphy in 2008. Studied Painting at the Marmara University in 2007/2008.
Gajek applies different “optical” techniques, that has not been used so far in painting. She adapts them as a tool to highlight the message hidden in the work. This gives an extra aesthetic and emotional experience. Her works do not allow viewer to pass without getting a bit closer and contemplate a while. The main subject is people and emotions, often embodied by animals.
Winner of the “Minister of Culture and National Heritage Prize” (best master diploma in Painting in Poland), 2008. Award nominee for “Creators of Culture in Gdańsk 2009” and “Storm of the Year 2009”. Polish representative at the “XIV Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean” (BJCEM) in Skopje, Macedonia, 2009 and at the Biennale “XIII BJCEM” in Bari, Italy, 2008. Received many cultural scholarships and grants in Poland. Numerous national and international exhibitions.

Overview of past and current projects in painting involving 3D technique, creation process, how the utilized 3D anaglyph technique works, previous works in performance, silkprint, installation and painting.


Martin Romeo
Ephemera – immaterial work

Martín Romeo is an Italian-Argentine multimedia artist-based in Venice, whose research is directed to interactive art ranging from video installations and dance performances.
Artistic director and founder of the Toolkit Festival of Venice, he presented his work in various European and international contexts. He teaches new artistic forms connected to interactive technology, among others, in Belgium, China, Italy and Netherlands.

The artist will show his latest work Ephemera – interactive olfactory installation, which consists in distill the real world in data that take on new olfative return.

The audiences will be invited to follow the next Interactive Art workshop to be held on October 16 at Artistic Workshop Series.


Kiritan Flux
Performing in Physical and Mental Space

Kiritan Flux works as a live visual artist and expanded-media producer since 2004. His artistic work ranges from VJ shows at prominent techno events such as TimeWarp (DE), or Sonus Festival (HR) to more conceptual live-cinema performances tailored to their unique local context. In addition to artistic works, he co-curates the monthly artist talk event Scope Sessions in Berlin.

‘Throughout my work in the field of improvised live video art (“VJing”) one special focus has always been the “set and setting” of the performance. Who am I besides the operator of my instruments? In which local and cultural context do I present my art right now? I deliberately use such questions as prime inspiration for conceptual live performances unique to the place of their presentation and my subjective reception of that place. “Place” in a spatial and also geographical sense. In my talk I will present a selection of my past and current work related to this concept.’


Thursday, October 13, 2016
doors open at 19:00
talks start at 20:00 *sharp*

Panke, Gerichtstr 23, Hof 5, Wedding, 13347 Berlin



We would like to express our thanks to Troikatronix, creators of Isadora, for supporting Scope Session


This session is curated by Mauritius Seeger

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