Scope Session #42 – STATE Festival special edition


This time SCOPE partners with STATE Festival for organizing a night focused on the intersection between science and art.

20:00 Christian Rauch
“STATE Festival presentation”

A quick tour behind the scenes of STATE Experience Science, a collective of independent scientists, artists and cultural producers, working to make science accessible and facilitate creativity without borders. Last year’s STATE Festival featured 4 days of events in 2 locations in the heart of Berlin. Over 100 contributing scientists, artists and filmmakers from more than 20 countries took part in talks, exhibitions, films, performances, workshops, panels and interactive science formats.

Christian Rauch is a physicist with passion for science and the things beyond. Since having resurfaced from a deep dive into academic research, he turned his focus towards the more general impacts of science in society and has been involved in initiating several science outreach initiatives. In 2014 he founded STATE Experience Science, a collective of scientists and artists exploring new ways of engaging with scientific topics.


21:00 Nenad Popov
“Ways of Knowing”

Reflection on the State festival. Inspiration through science. Towards embedding citizen science in artistic practice.

Nenad Popov is a media anarchist with a focus on live cinema pieces, sound installations, film installations, weird sound making contraptions and occasional parasitism on public cultural funds. He has collaborated with artists such as Daan Brinkmann, Electronic Opera, Erfan Abdi, Klara Ravat, Lillevan and his works have been exhibited at Sonic Acts, Dis-Patch, TodaysArt, E-Pulse, Share and Ars Electronica.


22:00 Pablo Rojas
“19th century maladies vs. ‘the wonders of science’ calendar syndrome”

The everyday growing branches of science, especially biology, hold the possibility to provide the general public with an infinite variety of innovative topics and colorful images. Such information could potentially be used as a novel source of inspiration for the creation of art pieces. Although the aesthetics of such practice may look appealing on a first instance, it is important to draw a clear line between the visual representation of scientific content and a more appropriate collaboration between science and the arts. A better understanding of the history and significance of science in society would undoubtedly facilitate the collaboration with other disciplines of human knowledge.

Pablo Rojas is a photographer and microbiologist who draws just as much from experimental art as from biological experimentation. His artistic work has been exhibited at shows in Quito, Dublin, London, Sarajevo, Braunschweig, Bogota, and Berlin. In 2015, he will complete a DAAD Fellowship and receive his PhD. in medical microbiology from the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin.


Thursday, 09th of April 2015
doors open at 7:00pm (19:00 Uhr)
discussion start: 8:00pm (20:00 Uhr)

Panke, Gerichstr 23, Hof 5, Wedding, 13347 Berlin

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