Scope Session #40 – Riko Murakami + Haruka Mitani (performance) // Malte Steiner + Wolfgang Spahn // Karla Brunet



“Dance with Film”
Performance Dance and Film improvisation Super 8 and Butoh

An improvised meeting of Butoh dance and hand-made Single 8 films of Butoh dance. Butoh is a journey to the Self. In this performance we explore existence and feeling beyond the mirage of film. There is no beginning and no ending.

Riko Murakami (Butoh dance) studied Image Arts and Science at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. While still a student, she joined the Butoh dance company Kiraza and has appeared in productions “”Hana-Ikusa”” (2012) and “”Uzume – The Power to Open a Wind Cave”” (2014). She collaborated with art photographer Marco van Duyvendijk on the photobook “”Riko”” (2014) and acted the lead role in Takashi Ito’s film “”The Last Angel”” (2014). She has also regularly contributed to the event series “”Experiments in Art and Technology”” organized by Michael Lyons.

Haruka Mitani (Film) is an independent filmmaker whose films reflect hands-on processes and a deep interest in the materiality of film. In 2013 she completed a degree in Image Arts and Science at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. Her films have appeared in festivals around the world and she is active in expanded cinema performances at live events in Kyoto, including the Experiments in Art and Technology series. She was raised in a Kyoto crafts family and in addition to making films, she is an apprentice lacquerware artist.


Embedded Artist Malte Steiner + Wolfgang Spahn
“The Embedded Artist System”


In this talk Spahn and Steiner introduce their open source Embedded Artist System and talk about its capabilities, the motivation behind it and the development process.

The Berlin based artists Malte Steiner and Wolfgang Spahn are exploring the artistic potential of embedded open source systems.
These small-sized computing platforms gives the possibility to combine a multitude of independent devices to create a more powerful system than most single computers can provide.
Based on the idea of free tools for free art, all hard- and software is open source and can be used, modified and improved by all other artists.
Instead of using one high tech super computer for multi-projection Spahn and Steiner developed and share a system which allows theoretically the connection of thousands of independent embedded platforms for one gigantic multi-vision show and still keep the costs low by using the cheap mini computer Raspberry Pi, a platform originally designed for educational purposes.


Karla Brunet

“The Sea: Art, Technology and Environment”


Karla Brunet is an artist and researcher, has a PhD in Audiovisual Communication and a master degree in Fine Arts. She has participated on many photography and digital arts exhibitions in Brazil, Europe and the USA and got a grant from FAPESB for a post-doctoral research on Mobile Technology and Art. Karla is a professor at IHAC and Pós- Cultura at UFBA, where she researches projects that present intersection of art, science and technology. From 2009-2012, Karla was the coordinator of Labdebug.net, a media lab focus on women and technology, and in 2012, she is the curator of FACMIL/LabMAM. Karla coordinates the Ecoarte, an interdisciplinary research and art group. Nowadays she lives in Berlin for a year research grant at UDK.

“I will present my artwork related to the environment, more specifically to the sea of my surroundings. It’s a mixture of formats: photo exhibition, interactive installation, DIY sensors, data visualization, video art, VJing, databending and web art, all having the same source, the sea and its underwater world. Some of the works are collective, developed at Ecoarte – a research group I coordinate at UFBA, Bahia, Brazil. Others are more introspective solo work, dealing with subjective issues of the sea. It is about disturbance, disruption, sensing and perceiving nature but also being entrapped by it. At the same time, art and science blend, in an attempt to create an intimate science.”


Thursday, 12th of March 2015
doors open at 7:00pm (19:00 Uhr)
discussion start: 8:00pm (20:00 Uhr)

Panke, Gerichstr 23, Hof 5, Wedding, 13347 Berlin



We would like to express our thanks to Troikatronix, creators of Isadora, for supporting Scope Session


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