28 Jun 23
5:00 pm

! S O L I P A R T Y A L E R T !

Ugandan LGBTQ+ Community is facing one of the harshest anti homosexuality law in the whole world, inscribing death penalty and prison for having same sex sexuality.
Community members are forced to exile when they can afford, and to hide and take back to the closet their very identity when they can’t.

The community has so many needs!

As a response, you are invited to a fundraiser event in Berlin on the 28 of June.

This is going to be a pluridisciplinary party, dedicated to give visibility to the local community and spread awareness about this tragedy.

You can come to show support, share tears, forment active solidarity movements and celebrate freedom : the freedom of being who we are, the very one that bigot government is denying to Ugandan Queer folx.

We gathered Berlin community members and allies around Antimass – Ugandan LGBTQ+ collective currenly exiled in Berlin.
Antimass is dedicated to create spaces for education, celebration and pleasures around music and arts.
All proceeds goes to the #Hashtagwhatsnext campaign run by Ugandan activist Papa De.
Entrance on donation, from 7 to +

Come celebrate! Come support! Come manifest Love!

@Panke Culture – Berlin, 28th of June

Visuals by Exocé Natisa

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