Redefining Space : Structural Cinema

Influenced by formalism and post-modern deconstruction equally, structural filmmakers strip the moving image to its bare essentials and question the way films are put together and all the elements they consist of. Within this investigation, time and space are redefined and presented to the audience for analysis. Our showcase presents a number of those filmmakers from the 70s and 80s, but also contemporary ones, primarily interested in the definition of space: the space in front of the camera, as well as the space that the audience constructs in their brain. 

  • William Raban – Fergus Walking, 2 mins 30, UK, 1978
  • Tony Hill – Downside Up, 17 mins, UK, 1984
  • Chris Welsby – Fforest Bay II, 5 mins 30, UK, 1973
  • Michael Snow – WVLNT, 15 mins, Canada/USA, 1967/2003
  • Augustin Gimel – Je n’ai pas du tout l’intention de sombrer, 5 mins, France, 2002
  • Mirza / Butler – The Space Between, 12 mins, UK, 2005
  • Kurt Kren – Asyl, 8 mins 20, Austria, 1975
  • Toby Cornish – Sarajevo Vertical, 10 mins, UK, 2004
  • Frank & Vincent Dudouet – Hors Chants, 2 mins, France, 2004
  • Lo Iacono – Digital Snapshot, 5 mins, Spain/Germany, 2003
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