19 Nov 22
10:00 pm

Recordat_Berlin _ 3Phaz [LIVE] _ ABADIR _ Assyouti _ Kassara _ Ludwig Wandinger [LIVE] _

On Saturday November 19_ Panke club will be vibrating a little bit stronger than usual.
_ With________
3Phaz [LIVE]




Ludwig Wandinger [LIVE]

START__ 21:00

RA: https://ra.co/events/1616590

3Phaz_______the Cairo based electronic producer, who joined us last month in our Recordat tour/residency in Beirut will be joining us again in a live performance, where he will be presenting some of the sounds of his upcoming album.
Mostly known for his debut album ‘Three Phase’, an album that presented a powerful and fresh new take on egyptian mahraganat/shaabi sound; the record was released on Egyptian label 100Copies in 2020. With further singles and remixes released on the likes of Rinse, Boomkat, Polaar, Nashazphone, and Irsh, 3Phaz quickly carved his way into the international club music scene allowing him to perform all around Europe.
3Phaz is currently working on his second album, to be released early 2023.

AِBADIR____ (Rami Abadir) who just came back from his outstanding live performance at UNSOUND. The music producer and sound designer born in Cairo, Egypt will be joining us with a 2 hours Dj set, bringing his break-heavy, club, glitch sound to a recordat session for the 1st time.

Assyouti___ Among the generation of rising producers/DJs in the Egyptian scene, Assyouti has emerged as one of its most distinct and unapologetic voices, standing out due to his high-energy aggression and versatile track selection spanning the leftfield of club music that flows between bass-heavy beats, multicultural percussive club tracks, deconstructed/experimental electronics, categorized by a dirty-but-elegant approach influenced by UK Bass, Footwork, Drum & Bass, Jungle & Deconstructed Club.

Kassara_______ is the DJ-alterego of sound artist and producer Sara Persico.
Sara is a sound artist, composer and performer based in Berlin. Her practice explores modes of storytelling across the expressive possibilities of the human voice and electronic sound.

Ludwig Wandinger________ is an experimental music producer and multidisciplinary visual artist, based in Berlin.
His musical narratives shift fluidly inbetween the outer edges of genres such as experimental electronic music, improvised acoustic music, ambient and sound collages.

Recordat_____ was born as a listening session in Jordan and Palestine in 2016, discovering unique architectural spaces and highlighting local producers from the region. Since then, it has developed into a radio program on Radio AlHara, experimenting with the radio format concept and the ways in which we listen. Recordat today is a sound platform that keeps expanding its format through collective work and collaborations, while challenging its current realities through listening. It is a performance, a series of listening sessions and club nights.

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