29 Jun 23
7:00 pm


The exhibition will be running from: 30 June – 08 July 2023 | Wed to Sat · 3–7pm |
Vernissage 29 June from 7-9pm

panke.gallery will host the release of REALITYBYTES, a web-browser plugin that substitutes images and photographs within news articles on websites like cnn.com and thesun.com with AI-generated counterparts. The plugin blurs the boundary between AI-created and human-created images, delivering results that are both uncanny and humorous. At the same time, it provides a stark insight into the racism and biases deeply ingrained within AI, spotlighting AI’s growing influence on image perception and representation. Next to this, a broadcast entirely authored by an artificial intelligence will be presented. The presentation not only probes the ethics and reliability of AI-generated content but also challenges us to question the integrity of the content we habitually consume in this AI-dominated period.

Lotte Louise de Jong is a media artist from the Netherlands with a background in film-making. Her work is research-based and ranges from physical, digital and online installations to more traditional forms of narrative. Her practice addresses how we, as a society, view and shape our identity through mediated spaces like the digital world. The internet as a space for exploring intimacy has been the main focus of her past projects. She obtained a master’s degree in Fine Art and Design at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam in 2019. In 2020 she received an emerging artist grant from the Mondriaan Fonds.

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