Producer’s Best Friend //episode II

Episode II

PBF is a platform for sample based Beatproducer/MC‘s who can show what they got!!! Bring your Sp,Mpc,machine……what ever!
(We also have a Serato set up for USBeats)
To all the MCs// load your lyrical gun!!!

18-19:30/Dj Intro aka Walkman
19:30-../session starts slowly
after the session //Open Decks

——-PBF proudly present——


•Cash (Fikkahz65/droen. De)


•Tis L (Berlin)
•Dokta SchlackSchlack (Fikkahz65)
•Asio otus (3sta/Kassel)
•Yohan (MeckPom)
•Chief Huxley (Berlin)



•Infidelix (Texas/Berlin)
•Scuph (Berlin)
•Stormy Cheddar (Fikkahz65/Berlin)
•Lost the Rapper (Glasgow)
•DiscoPint65 (Fikkahz65)


FSK. 18+

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