27 Oct 21
6:30 pm

Poetic Tandem

POETIC TANDEM is a biweekly event, where you can bring your poems or texts to get translated in an exchange to do the same with others! Like a language tandem, but for poetry/writers.👉🏼 Do you write in an expat language?
👉🏼 Are you interested in translating your work?
👉🏼 Do you live in Berlin?
Then this event is just for you! 🤗
If you’re not a translator, don’t worry – we are not looking for professional translations. We are doing this collective effort to rewrite the others text in your mother tongue! It’s not that hard, its a lot of fun and can connect us with our polyglot city!

_____[ WHERE & WHEN? ]
🗓 Every Wednesday, for four weeks
October 27th • November 10th • November 24th • December 8th
⌚️ 18.30 hs📍 
Panke Culture
Gerichtstr. 23, Hof V. 13347
Wedding, Berlin😷 

_____[ HOW DOES IT WORK? ]📌 Bring a poem or a short text around 250 words (half a prose page, or one verse page). You’re also welcome If you don’t have a text and you only want to translate to your mother tongue!
Learn more 👉🏼
We will very thankful if you could pre-register, so we can know how many languages are we counting on 🔗
Share with your friends 💌
👋 and see you soon!

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