10 Dec 21
10:00 pm

Panke Unsquared W/ Rainy Miller / Elmorabba3 / Ibrahim Owais

22:00 Ibrahim Owais – Dj set
00:30 Elmorabba3 – Live
01:30 Rainy Miller – Live

Rainy Miller
A multi-disciplinary artist and label owner hailing from Preston, England. Subservient to the northern city in which he was born and raised, the region’s near forgotten underbelly is sewn into the fabric of Rainy Miller’s life. The local Prestonian possesses a seemingly DIY approach to the arts, primarily as a musician, but isn’t bound to the term. Rainy Miller holds a heavily embellished view on context and perspective, homing in on the belief that “technicalities can be learnt, and perspective is something every one of us holds unique; just like DNA.” It’s this belief that sees the artist striving to push the boundaries within contemporary popular music, creating without limiting himself to any given genre.

Following its groundbreaking influence on the Middle Eastern alternative music scene, Elmorabba3 unfolds to reveal a new chapter that brings together elements of modularity, collective thinking and electronic experimentation. In 2009, the project came to life to offer a spacey rock/post-rock electronic sound and quickly became one of the leading Middle Eastern underground bands to revive the Arab independent music scene and capture the hearts of thousands of followers across the Arab region. Centred around the project‘s co-founder Muhammad Abdallah, a new, modular and collective production approach is taking shape to present another dimension of Elmorabba3 as an electronic experimental collective. Together with producer and multi-instrumentalist Basel Naouri and drummer Zeid Mseis, Elmorabba3: unsquared will introduce an early version of their new experimental sonic territories.

Ibrahim Owais
A Jordanian/Palestinian Berlin-based sound artist, digital designer, creative producer, Dj, co-founder of Recordat and part of Radio Alhara team. His work revolves around designing, developing and creating cross-media experiences for both digital and physical spaces.
Through his sets he exploers sounds and atmospheres using Dj techniques to create his sonic narratives.

Entry to Panke is possible according to the 2G+ rule: vaccinated or recovered people with current negative test result no older than 24hours. Please bring presentation of personal ID and a certificate of full vaccination.
This initiative was made possible with funding by NEUSTART KULTURwww.initiative-musik.de

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