21 Mar 24
7:00 pm

Otto von Schirach Takes Over Berlin

Have you ever met a creature from outer space? 
Based in Miami Otto von Schirach made is coming out as an alien in 1998 establishing himself as a multi-disciplinary multimedia experimental artist & musician who uses video, performance art, and original music to play live shows worldwide. 

He has released over seventy albums, EPs, and singles on Ipecac Records, Schematic Records, Monkeytown Records, and currently on his own imprint Bermuda Triangle Records. Annually he performs in over a hundred gigs and festival all over the world like Fusion and Melt in Germany, Dour in Belgium, BangFace in England, Elevate in Austria just to name a few. Unforgettable is the lubricant boiler room “I don’t give a fuck” performance, which turned the venue into a psychiatric hospital with a sexploitation touch. 

According to other sources Otto von Schirach is a direct descendant of Frank N Furter from the planet Transexual in the galaxy of Transilvania. I wonder if Brad and Janet knew. Science fiction? Double feature… or penetration? Yes, because the “culo” is raising its voice as recent releases such as Alien culo, Draculo, Animal or Pterodactyl tend to confirm. 

With futuristic and minimalistic highly acclaimed videos like The ufo is coming or the low-fi green screen sensation When dinosaurs rule the earth with around half a million views (including aliens), Otto Von Schirach creates innovative works that dare to push boundaries, heal communities, magnify your pineal gland and scoop you where no man has gone before… 

Now, shortly after the death of Napoleon III, Otto von Schirach is ready to unleash a juicy and mind-twisting performance that will shower your cerebral cortex with the purest nectar of insanity.


PRISMA is Nicolas Di Bernardo, born in Buenos Aires and based in Berlin. His experienceas a producer, DJ and organizer has allowed him to refine his productions and sets, creating an overwhelming amalgam of heavy beats and sound design for the listener. The fusion of electronic music and rhythms from all corners of society flows naturally into organic, crackling textures that shift between tranquility and turbulence, resulting in complex rhythms, otherworldly atmospheres, warm sequences with influences from inner and outer space.

Hailing from Khon Kaen, Thailand and now based in Berlin, B3NJO combines electronica, dubstep and grime to express her views on life, femininity and humanity. Forging both utopian and dystopian sonic landscapes, her eclectic mix aims to lull the listener into a state of bliss, a journey within. In cahoots with Prisma, B3njo advocates madness in praise of folly, with the goal of plowing your brain to the sounds of Otto Von Schirach, transforming Panke Culture into a spaceship headed into the unknown. Unbuckle your neurons…

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