18 May 23
3:00 pm


“Object (RE) Oriented Reality” is an augmented reality solo show by Chiara Passa that challenges the panke.gallery space by transforming it into a vibrant abstract place in constant transformation. The audience is invited to cross the border between art and game by interacting with various AR app artworks to explore the liminal duality between tangible and virtual place through unpredictable synesthetic combinations.

Chiara Passa, visual artist working in media art after the mid 90’s. I graduated (M.F.A.) from the Fine Arts Academy of Rome, Master in audio-visual media from the Faculty of Modern Literature. My artistic research analyses differences in virtual spaces through a variety of techniques, technologies, and devices – often using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies as artistic media to explore architecture as a lively interface. I use VR and AR to comprise their intrinsic language and so on for shaking-up and challenging the static notion of architecture, by exploring the liminal duality between tangible and virtual place, achieving in art a strange oscillation between spaces. Yet, I work with animations, net-artworks, interactive and site-specific video-installations, and AR / VR video-sculptures, sometimes made of Carrara marble, ceramic, fresco technique, plexiglass, or 3D printing parts. Moreover, I use VR medium to create site-specific video installations using a wide range of google cardboards. Typically, the 3D viewers are installed all over the real space, designing geometric shapes in liminal areas where onlookers can peek/peep thru 3D viewers over the wall, and so immerse themselves into a re-constructed/resized VR space made of wired geometric angles and futuristic views, sometimes semi-open or semi-closed at 180°, 220° or 360°, so highlighting the paradox of the modern space-time condition, which nowadays is even more diluted in between physical and liquid space.

My work has been internationally exhibited from festivals, conferences, and institutions, including: «Still Life» Solo show at Zabludowicz Collection London (2021-2022); «MADATAC XI» Bienal Virtual de Arte de los Nuevos Medios Digitales, Madrid (2020); «Object Oriented Space». Solo show at Museum MLAC Rome (2019); «Virtual Natives – Sculpture», Roehrs & Boetsch gallery, Zurich (2019); «Oslo Night show», HEK Museum Basel (2018); «InSonic» immersive art show, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Museum, Karlsruhe (2017); «From live architecture: Dimensioning», solo show at Furtherfield gallery, London (2016); «Off Biennale Cairo» (2015-2016); «ISEA Disruption», Conference and exhibition at Vancouver Art Gallery. (2015); «Morphos», Vortex Dome – immersion media, Los Angeles (2014); Media Art Histories IV – RENEW conference, Riga. (2013). FILE | Electronic Language International Festival, São Paulo. (2011); Electrofringe – festival of new media art, Newcastle, Australia. (2008); BizArtCenter, Shanghai (2005); MACRO – Museo di Arte Contemporanea, Roma (2004), 11° Biennale of young artists of Europe and the Mediterranean countries: «Cosmos – a sea of art», Athens. (2003); 48a Biennale di Venezia (with Oreste group), Venezia (1999) e Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia (1999).

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