No Tek No

Join us for a night of sweat equity to raise money for the Caribbean islands effected by hurricane Maria.


Mor0 – https://soundcloud.com/m-moro
mobilegirl – https://soundcloud.com/mobilegirl

Lamin Fofana – https://soundcloud.com/laminfofana

dj zhao – https://soundcloud.com/djzhao

deadHYPE – https://soundcloud.com/thedeadhype
ISLA Berlin

Kike Lomo > https://soundcloud.com/k1kelomo

permanent slvt

Dovecake – https://soundcloud.com/dove_cake

@ Panke
Gerichtstraße 23
DOORS @ 10:00PM

Suggested 3-6 €

????100% of the proceeds will go to the Caribbean nations affected the most by Hurricanes Thelma and Maria through trusted and well researched charity organizations. ????

Accessibility: Venue is fully accessible and there will be gender neutral bathrooms. Contact our organizers/awareness team if you have questions!

**This is an intentional space for Queer and Trans People of Color and those who love us! Remember you are sharing space**

Our organised group consists of queer & gender non-conforming people of color and our accomplices. We are coming together to raise funding for communities that have been affected by recent catastrophic hurricanes to the Caribbean Sea Board. Our event is a fundraiser dedicated to continue bringing visibility and support to folks dealing with the cascading affects of these natural disasters. In solidarity!!!! Ashe! We pay homage to our ancestors who influence the music we enjoy today.

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