The event takes place on the  31st of July until the  4th of August starting at  12:00.


➫Wednesday/Mittwoch 31st
[VEGAN] Curry soy medallions with spinach mashed potatoes
[VEGAN] Cardamom brown rice with carrots, broccoli, and lemon
[VEGAN – VEGETARIAN] Quesadilla with salsa roja and guacamole

[VEGETARIAN] Yogurt cake

Smoothie of the day:
[VEGAN – VEGETARIAN] Orange-mint

➫Thursday/Donnerstag 1st
[VEGAN] Miso soup
[VEGAN] Zucchini and mint risotto with shiitake mushrooms, roasted almonds and balsamic reduction
[VEGAN] Lentils “bouletten” in parsley sauce and sweet potatoes

[VEGAN] Carrot cake

Smoothie of the day:
[VEGAN – VEGETARIAN] Strawberry-ginger

➫Friday/Freitag 2nd
[VEGAN] Pasta trio, gnocchi with pesto, spaghetti all’Amatriciana (tofu), penne with porcini mushrooms
[VEGAN] Hot dog with coleslaw salad
[VEGETARIAN] Bio eggs salad with beetroot mousse

[VEGAN] Watermelon salad

Smoothie of the day:

➫Saturday/Samstag 3rd
[VEGAN] Sesame honey tempeh with glass noodles
[VEGETARIAN] Variety of 4 mini panini
[VEGAN] Veggie “frittelle” with carrots and kohlrabi salad

[VEGAN] Banana split

Smoothie of the day:
[VEGAN – VEGETARIAN] Pear-vanilla

Vegetarian and Vegan brunch, from 13h to 19h, 8€


Quinoa loves animals so we decided to develop a menu for our little furry friends, a meal designed specially for them, ask us about the daily menu.


Quinoa’s kitchen will open officially the doors from midday to provide pleasure to your taste and healthy food for both your body and mind.

From now on we will be there cooking for you daily from Wednesday to Saturday, from around 12:00 to 22:00 and on Sunday with the very unique Brunch from 13:00 to 19:00, yes 7pm!

For group with more than 8 people please reserve first as well for special requirements.

During some evenings we organize dinners and culinary events, we will keep you informed trough our monthly calendar program.