The event takes place on the  22nd of May until the  26th of May starting at  12:30.
➫ WEDNESDAY May 22nd:
[VEGAN – GLUTEN FREE] Spinach salad with grapefruit, fresh onions and walnuts
[VEGAN – GLUTEN FREE] Carrots lentils soup with a bowl of rice
[VEGETARIAN] Fettuccine alla Norma, aubergines-tomato sauce, mozzarella and basilEVENING FINGER FOOD
[VEGAN] Veggie rolls, filled with potatoes, peppers, onions, and green peas served with dipSWEET
[MILK PRODUCT] Lemon cheese cake
[VEGAN – GLUTEN FREE] Strawberries whipped soy cream and dark chocolate chips➫THURSDAY May 23th:
[VEGAN] Black aromatic sandwich with grilled vegetables, and fresh crunchy salad
[VEGAN] Asparagus cream soup with roasted pine nuts
[VEGAN] Paella

[VEGAN] Pinzimonio sticks, a mix of fresh sticks of seasonal vegetables served with dip

[VEGAN – GLUTEN FREE] Fresh fruits salad

➫FRIDAY May 24th:
[VEGAN] Quinoa salad with tomatoes, mint and scallions
[VEGAN] Minestrone with garlic croutons
[VEGETARIAN] Veggie burger with baked potatoes

[VEGAN] Mix of veggie Nigiri, with soy sauce and wasabi

[VEGAN] Apple cookies with raisins
[VEGAN] Fresh fruits smoothie

➫ SATURDAY May 25th:
[VEGAN] Cauliflower soup with pumpkins seeds
[VEGAN] Penne all’arrabbiata, tomato spicy mild sauce
[VEGAN] Potatoes salad with dill and grilled asparagus

[MILK PRODUCT] Quesadillas with guacamole dip

Chocolate Quinoa dessert

➫SUNDAY May 26th:
Vegetarian and Vegan brunch, ask our kitchen!


Quinoa loves animals so we decided to develop a menu for our little furry friends, a meal designed specially for them, ask us about the daily menu.


Quinoa’s kitchen will open officially the doors from midday to provide pleasure to your taste and healthy food for both your body and mind.

From now on we will be there cooking for you daily from Wednesday to Sunday, from 12:00 to 19:00. For group with more than 8 people please reserve first as well for special requirements.

During some evenings we organize dinners and culinary events, we will keep you informed trough our monthly calendar program.