MENU: From 15th until May 19th


➫Wed May 15tht: [VEGAN – GLUTEN FREE] Orange salad with black olives and mango balsamico vinegar – [VEGAN] Asian style rice with soy and mix of fresh vegetables – [VEGAN] Tomato burger with backed rosemary potatoes – Smoothies and pastry

➫Thu May 16th: [VEGAN – VEGETARIAN] Antipasto misto – [VEGAN] Spaghetti with Porcini mushrooms and soy cream – [VEGAN] Tomato burger with backed rosemary potatoes – Smoothies and pastry

➫Fri May 17th: [VEGETARIAN] Leak and cauliflower quiche with green salad – [VEGETARIAN – GLUTEN FREE] Broccoli gratin and beetroot mashed potatoes – [VEGAN] Dinkel-Grünkern burger and rosemary backed potatoes – Smoothies and pastry

➫Sat May 18th: – [VEGAN – VEGETARIAN] Picnic in Kreuzberg*** – Pastry

➫Sun May 19th: [VEGAN – GLUTEN FREE] Zucchini and beetroot carpaccio with almonds and rucola – [VEGAN] Lasagna with a little salad- [VEGAN] Veggie burger and rosemary backed potatoes – Smoothies and pastry

Quinoa loves animals so we decided to develop a menu for our little furry friends, a meal designed specially for them, ask us about the daily menu.


Quinoa’s kitchen will open officially the doors from midday to provide pleasure to your taste and healthy food for both your body and mind.

From now on we will be there cooking for you daily from Wednesday to Sunday, from 12:30 to 18:30. For group with more than 8 people please reserve first as well for special requirements.

During some evenings we organize dinners and culinary events, we will keep you informed trough our monthly calendar program.

***Today (18th of May – Saturday) the bistro is closed because we organize a picnic in another area of the city, you are very welcome to join, just reserve your place here➫https://www.facebook.com/events/451158724961611/

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Outside the Bigmac. Vers 2.0

We will celebrate film and music that is not tasting of sugar bread and gurkins. Wednesday (the 21th), we celebrate again life outside the Big Mac with a killer lineup (Live, Dj, films and drag performances).

ARG EMBASSY: Edition #4

In this protocol edition, we pay special attention to the distinguished voices of musicians from Latin America or those affiliated with Latin American identity, merging their exquisite musicality with the vibrant music scene of Berlin.

MXM & Pavel – Kerngeschäft Releasekonzert Berlin

Unser fünftes Album „Kerngeschäft“ kommt am 09.02. auf Vinyl, Tape und Digital. Wir sehen uns in alter Frische auf den Releasekonzerten in Berlin, Rostock & Halle!