The event takes place on the  12th of June until the  16th of June starting at  12:00.
Ask our team about the specials of the day!➫WEDNESDAY June 12th:
[VEGAN] Antipasto misto of vegetables, dips and salads
[VEGAN] Lasagna with arugula and marinated tofu, in a tomato basil sauce
[VEGAN] Thyme burger with potatoes and red onions sesame saladSWEET
[VEGAN] Pancakes with ice cream 😉
[VEGAN – VEGETARIAN] Smoothies➫THURSDAY June 13th:
[VEGAN] Vegetables nigiri
[VEGAN] Love salad, direct from our garden ;-))
[VEGAN] Grilled tofu sandwich with baked rosemary potatoes

[VEGAN] Banana Bread Muffins

➫FRIDAY June 14th:
[VEGETARIAN] Melanzane alla Parmigiana, baked aubergines with mozzarella and Parmigiano cheese
[VEGAN] Raw vegetables tartare marinated with a delicious vinaigrette

[VEGAN] Beetroot chocolate cake

➫ SATURDAY June 15th:
[VEGAN] Tagliatelle with our pesto sauce!!!
[VEGAN] Carrots, orange, kiwi salad
[VEGETARIAN] Tomato olives quiche with lollo salad

[VEGAN] Fresh seasonal fruits

➫SUNDAY June 16th:
Vegetarian and Vegan brunch, from 13h to 19h, 7€


Quinoa loves animals so we decided to develop a menu for our little furry friends, a meal designed specially for them, ask us about the daily menu.


Quinoa’s kitchen will open officially the doors from midday to provide pleasure to your taste and healthy food for both your body and mind.

From now on we will be there cooking for you daily from Wednesday to Sunday, from 12:00 to 19:00. For group with more than 8 people please reserve first as well for special requirements.

During some evenings we organize dinners and culinary events, we will keep you informed trough our monthly calendar program.