6 May 21
6:00 pm

live streams of conscious

Live streams of conscious is an experimental interactive happening. It’s about reconnecting and reflecting on different perspectives within a shared pandemic and a common humanity. It’s about creatively supporting and inspiring each other as we navigate paths to emerge through these times. It’s about doing what we can with what we have to help make what we want to happen next while staying engaged in the now…
Turn on, tune in and vibe out! We have a very special program prepared to experience on 2 separate platforms including 6 hours of live band, dj and freestyle mc performances on our socially distant stages plus “news you can use”, interviews, presentations, 3 live interactive “Open Greeting Zones”, interactive art and opportunities to support some great initiatives.

details – http://www.baumhausberlin.de/conscious/
artist bios and links – https://www.instagram.com/baumhausberlin/


Panke Program livestream
facebook/pankeberlin / twitch.tv/pankeberlin

Scott from Baumhaus guides an adventure of instantaneous translation & expression of thoughts into words, words that inspire action and action makes change. Recognizing and riffing off the unique beauty that each moment possesses. Groovy is the unifying vibe for the evening.

18:00 Metabolism
19:15 Li Xuxa Bolden (live)
19:30 Fritzi Noirehomme (live)
20:15 mndwzrd
21:00 Dub Isotope
22:00 Immaculate Contraption Nr24 (live) feat. Mathieu Pe, Hakim “the dream” Azmi, Imari Kokubo, Dominic Korb, Genys, Fritzi Noirehomme, Scottie b
23:00 Genys

+ MC’s – EL Che Baba Sheriff, Justas, Metabolism, Oscar, Scottie b, Schub, Tobi Do
Artwork – Isaac Abrams, the godfather of psychedelic art


Baumhaus Program – on Zoom
Meeting-ID: 890 4390 6685

Parallel to the Panke Livestream, Karen & Maia from Baumhaus welcome everyone to join in an open video call. It’s Baumhaus back in connection with you – catching up after some pandemic time. Join anytime, lots of opportunities to chat, reflect and reconnect.

18:00 Event Intro, provocateur questions, interactive concept catalyzers
18:30 Baumhaus & Panke Updates: meet the founders and find out what is goign on + Q&A
19:00 Calls for Participation 1: LebensMittelPunkt in Baumhaus, Restart Community Networking Night, special guests SuperCoop, PlantAge, Querfeld
19:30 Open Greeting Zone (small group breakout sessions)
20:00 Calls for Participation 2: Emergent Berlin 2021, SuperHero Training Camp – launch open call & “Rise of the Evengers” free record release
20:30 Open Greeting Zone
21:00 News + special guest interview with Fritzi Noirehomme
21:30 Open Greeting Zone
(Note: sessions in the main room will be recorded but NOT the breakout sessions)


All donations go towards covering the event production costs and supporting both Panke and Baumhaus
PayPal: erika@pankeculture.com
Panke e.V.
IBAN: DE04 1009 0000 2353 0830 00,
memo/betreff – “conscious”

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