The event takes place on the  10th of May until the  17th of May starting at  22:00.

Concert and exhibition dedicated to lines. Simplest form, so many interpretations. What could it mean? Come, see, interpret, figure it out for yourself.
DJ, music producer and sound designer currently based in Berlin. Owner of recording studio. Producer of Manhooker (signed to Unterton/Ostgut Ton). Member of WEF artists community playing an active role in the East-European experimental electronic music scene development.
Since September 2005 manages his own cyclic radio show – ‘Input-Output-Putput’ on

Exploring electronic music, cabaret… constantly collaborating with different musicians, visual artists, to create a personal place, to escape to, if you’d like. Stylistically it navigates from ambient to trip-hopish , tribal feeling. Use to work closely with Silence Family label from Lithuania in a project with Leon Somov – Adomas & The Mittens, which took of in Brussels.

Editor and videographer, June Peduzzi lives in Brussels. She is trained in film techniques and visual art between France and Belgium.

Adomas AWK
Stencil artist from Lithuania, currently living and working in Berlin.
Series of photos from ’70 are simplified, reinterpreted and reproduced. Old medium is reborn with the help of another one. Series of 14 stencils, plus a mural painted for this specific event, for this specific place.