10 Jun 22
10:00 pm

ł₦₵łĐɆ₦₮ ₵

Catch the movement of the next incident in town; this is how the world ends!
The third edition of our precious intimate rave is finally here to take us to luscious destinations beyond time with a meticulously crafted line up presenting an eclectic selection of hardcore acts. A lot of love is going into bringing it all together, join us to feel it!

Vani-T (Climax)
Vani-T will kick start our bus to nowhere. Don’t try to resist her seductive selection of sounds to lure us into jumping up on her energetic fluff, so to be in trust but on your guard for what is awaiting to happen.

URIN (Iron Lung Records)
Dive with no afterthoughts into URIN’ s mayhem, where the cold of deep waters shines fiery sparkles and from which your heart can never come back.

Via App (PTP, Bank Records / NYC)
We are so fortunate to catch Via App while they go through Europe. They are flying by with some new material; expect fire spit with unsettling drum patterns, sharp tones and let yourself be taken out of your comfort zone into strident highs.

CRAVE (MIND Records / Paris)
Get swamped by the energy of CRAVE’s disobedient dismantling of hip hop and trap colour ranges. Chopped-up rap samples drenched in irreverent sounds and rhythms over which guttural word doom you to follow the tracted chaos.

Tommie O. (Incident)
Enter the organised moshpit of troubling melodies from the Past. Using fast hardcore kicks in contrast with sudden slowed down bpm, unexpected pitch shifting and distortion Tommie O births new sounds, rhythms and meanings out of mainstream narratives.

Rafael (IA / Warsaw)
https://ia-label.bandcamp.com/…/rafael-sinners-saints… https://ffm.to/kingofnothing
Let your heart be ripped apart by the poesy of Rafael’s creaky nightmarish blues. Hear the bells of heaven calling us for a minute or forever to infinite foggy horizons.

Antonia XM (Ashida Park / Vienna)
To round up the magic of the night, Antonia XM’s sombre gabber charm will transport us back to reality; through the romantic fast winded landscapes she paints behind the decks.

Poster by Marijn Degenaar
Text by Tommie O
RA: https://ra.co/events/1537504

with the kind support of Musicboard Berlin GmbH

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