30 May 24
6:00 pm


KÄF is an electrifying fusion of live music, art, and cultures, bringing together artists based in Europe and the Arab region to promote unity & celebrate diversity through these mutual passions.

The first edition features NOON, a Dubai-based World-Jazz-Electrónica power trio spearheaded by the Oud, and dynamic art installations & cognitive paintings by Berlin-based Studio Apelbaum, instigating dialogues between the music & paintings.

KÄF is Arabic slang for ‘an ideal state of mind’.

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Honky Donk: ACAB (Assigned Clown At Birth)

Honky Donk is Berlin’s wicked clowny party, focused on donk, happy hardcore, hyperpop… This time around, the theme is ACAB: Assigned Clown At Birth. Expect silly music, weird performances, little competitions, clown merch and grotesque vibes!


This edition of BURRE is showcasing a great diversity of musical community of Odesa, hosting the main dub, fusion jazz and breakcore representatives from the scene.