INSEPARABLES is the night dedicated to celebrate our global differences, our cultural traditions, equality, exchange and merge.
We are Unity. We are One World.
On this special night, there will be no borders, no walls, no division.
People of all nations dancing together!

Line Up:

Mamiko Motto (UK, GASS)
Dekkapa (Into my Ears)
Bod x Flufflord


Mamiko Motto is the composer, sound artist and music director working and living in London, UK. She has gained recognition as a tastemaker and music director working across film, fashion and high-end events and has a growing reputation for her curatorial work with visual and digital arts.
She has been recognised for having “an ear for new music that bends the rules” – [The Fader] and for “constantly uncovering tucked-away records and underrated artists” -[Dazed].
Mamiko has released music on Warp Records and Big Dada as Wednesday Nite, and put the crucial Amada compilation together for All City Records.



BOD (DJ set, USA) x Flufflord (VJ, Croatia)
Bod x Flufflord are fairly new to B City and is an honor to host them at Panke.
This year, Nicholas Zhu, a.k.a. bod [包家巷] has released elegiac “Limpid Fear [清澈恐惧]” record on the Planet Mu sub-label Knives as well as the latest “The Recurrence of Infections [复发感染]” album on Aisha Devi’s Danse Noire.
Flufflord is also known as Tea Stražičić is a progressive animator and videographer, who’s quirky and bizarre animated creatures have touched many lovers worldwide.
Together these two artists collaborate on a live AV show consisting off a DJ set by Bod and a live projection of Flufflords’ artworks. Expect off the wall hip hop, normcore, noise mixed with dancing three-legged aliens and anything in between the lines.

SC: https://soundcloud.com/baojiaxiang
IG: https://www.instagram.com/baojiaxiang/

IG https://www.instagram.com/flufflord/


Dekkapa is one of the young, but already leading Favela Funk, Afrobeats and HipHop/Bass/Trap DJs in Berlin today. Together with his mates running a crew Intomyears. Promised to drop a dope set of Brazilian beats, bass and rhymes for us.


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