26 Aug 22
10:00 pm


Come into the last travel of INCIDENT to the end for this year. Edition D brings together a precious team dedicated to high energy driven nights. Getting ready to play with space and time at Panke Culture where we plan to fall deep into an intense series of nows. Dancing with;

DJ Zeten (Warsaw)

Starting our cruise on a raw warm wave of scratchy vinyl mixing, deep underground screeches and bumpy words gently pushing us towards the edge that is to come.

TONFA (Warsaw)

A broken walkman stomping on unwinded tapes stuck on low pitched rap luring our darkest shadows to the light over jungle, dub and stunted loops unwilling to not let you succumb to the delicious scare of being controlled.


Total metal punk mayhem!


Alarming and sweet call to love over driven bubblegum tones coming from the depth of sea; should inspire floating towards unknown R&B horizons where the tide gives a voice to delirious mermaids hailing under late capitalist synth pop, deviant cassette dub, and feisty hits of industrial noise.


Cross bridges of the night with rap and R&B samples, trance synths, electro house wobbles flying our castle to mutating bubbling city landscapes inspiring mistakes and fluid accidents between the frequencies at play.


Severe emotional industrial noise drenched in heavily driving bass and drums. Vani-T and Tommie O meet to crush on experimenting with sounds to reach catharsis. Expect wet earthy drums, ambiguous Trap holding words screaming in between pain and pleasure, rising up moans from ancient female trauma, swirling to touch the wild feminine within each of us.

DJ Torrentz.eu + DJ Sporty Spice (Wixapol)

Save as much energy as possible to follow those two to remote dance floor rhythms tracking a path from nostalgia to hyper irreverent futures through to scrambling nationalism into a worker’s outfit designed for boxing and hugging!

Poster by Marijn Degenaar
Words @TommieOsocial

with the kind support of Musicboard Berlin GmbH

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