16 Aug 23
7:00 pm



(If you knew me would you love me?) A performance of the browser, the browser as performance by Chia Amisola

Join us for a live performance of browser-based net art by Chia Amisola. As ambience underlies the (web)site, we raise questions of ‘intimacy without proximity’, spirituality & defaults, labor & ‘serving’, memory & decay, and the mythologies of technologies — an embrace and reimagining to move towards revolutionary, liberatory, mutually-shaped, and loving webs.

The website is a practice of self-preservation. (Remember me on this computer.) Through the site of a website was I able to make space for myself. (Within a domain, I found the machine was nature itself.) The website is a performance. (My offline self / my online self / my whole self) A conversion rate, a transfiguration, a prayer was technology itself. (CLICK to be SAVED!) Might software be the thing that best mirrors our own mortality? (The link and the body rot; the liberation is forever.) Computation is not construction, but construction might be computation. (Software might be the softest thing about me.) My poetic inefficiency is a grace, my love is a technology. (Everything truly performant is immeasurable.) If you listen closely enough, can you peer down at networked cables like you do the canopies of trees? (Do you see life in all the life’s work that surrounds you?) Can you know me until we can’t help but love?

In between a poetry reading (the browser as a concrete poem), a durational performance (ever-expanding & participatory & networked), an ambient show (live on the browser), and maybe even a prayer. You are welcome to sit back and treat the experience as a screening, or join the participatory works with your own personal device.

Chia Amisola is an internet / ambient artist from the Philippines, presently based in San Francisco. Their (web)site-specific art is an act of worldmaking constructing spaces, systems, and tools that invent worlds where creation is synonymous with liberation. Chia is the Founder & Organizer of Developh, a critical technology institute in the Philippines since 2016, and the Philippine Internet Archive.




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